Germany, Sand-lime brick plant renewal

Complete renewal of a concrete plant (after 30 years of production)

Fertigbeton Mischanlage Automatisierungstechnik

The control system of the sand-lime brick plant, which is more than 30 years old, was completely renewed during two construction phases, each with a two-week shutdown. The mixing plant includes an under plaster plant (mixing plant 1), a top plaster plant (mixing plant 2 with 2 mixers) and a sand drying plant with grading lines.

A total of approx. 3168 inputs, 1120 outputs, 40 analog values and 16 weighing cards of the old racks were removed and completely replaced with Siemens ET200SP modules. The project scope also included the connection to the existing database technology with three mixers. The database contains a total of 20,000 color recipes.

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